The farmland
This section of southern Sicily is about more than just wine. In Agliastro, we're fulfilling our ambition of returning the land to the Sicilian tradition of growing almonds. Located just beneath the splendid baroque capital of Noto, our farms stretch across some of the region’s most fertile territory. Their unique soil and proximity to the sea are just some of the natural elements that make this land superb for almond growing. Weather is critical for these delicate plants and this farm's proximity to the sea ensures mild temperatures that give our almonds unique aromas and flavours. This “natural terrace” hosts groves of both Pizzuta d’Avola and Fascionello almonds. 

The farming district
The Agliastro farmland appears suddenly, right at the border between the Ragusa and Siracusa provinces in southeastern Sicily. The stony “timpa” landscape, so typical of Ragusa, turns into the blinding, dry white land in Siracusa. Historically, growing vines here is the most obvious - and fatal - option, yet wine lovers worldwide are thankful... Here, in its ancestral home, the Nero d’Avola grape expresses itself with its own peculiarly perfect language. Just a few minutes' drive to the south, visitors can seek out the juicy sweetness of their cherry tomatoes in Pachino.