Olio Due Sicilie - Particolare labirinto Olio Due Sicilie - Particolare labirinto
The "Maze" by Guido Capuano sculpted on our bottle.
Like a diamond with countless facets, Sicily is precious and prismatic. We searched our island for products made by people who, like us, had dedicated their lives to growing native varieties on their home territory. By tasting the fruit of our land, we find the true nature of our home. DUE SICILIE oil is produced with our proprietary FAST PRESS® method, which ensures maximum freshness.

The hallmark flavors of Sicilian olive oil: this blend is eastern and western Sicily in a bottle. Our organic extra-virgin olive oil comes from the fortunate marriage of Nocellara del Belice and Moresca olives.


Aroma: balsamic with clear notes of mint and artichoke.
Palate: rich and fine, with a pleasant hint of fresh walnut and a clean, balanced spiciness.

Pairing suggestions: to taste what makes this oil truly fantastic, simply pour it over a slice of warm bread, it's also perfect drizzled over grilled beef, in a tartare, on baked tuna, or atop salads.


Pocket-sized Sicily! Freshness and portability are guaranteed with our small 'mignon' bottle. The bottle size was the the suggestion of chefs who love our oils and were looking for an efficient way to preserve its taste and quality on their restaurant tables where oxidation can be an issue. The mignon bottle is now available for all of our customers.

DUE SICILIE: "Labyrinth" bottle in U.V. safe 1/2 liter dark glass of with safety closure.
DUE SICILIE MIGNON: "Vento" bottle in U.V. safe 1/10 liter dark glass with safety closure.

Due Sicilie 50
Due Sicilie 10