Olio Riserva - Particolare labirinto

This is a typical variety from the Syracuse district.

How to recognize it:
- The shell: Big and hard, often with ochre nuances. Smooth surface with tiny holes.
- The seed shape: Asymetrical, with an oval side.
- The skin: dark, robust with deep wrinkles.


Palate: full and balanced with a hint of wheat and white flowers. Elegant and persistent finish.


White dry sparkling wines.

Olio Riserva - Particolare labirinto

Variety: Fascionello (Fasciunieddu)
Categories available: natural and peeled
Calibers available: may change according to season
Farming districts: Noto and Syracuse.
Farming: no chemicals
Shape: Large oval flat
Colore: Dark leather red
Bitter natural substances (Amigdalina): 1% circa.
Twin fruits: very low (0 to 2%).


Pack sizes start from 250 grams up to any weight according to the client's requests. Transparent bags either on gourmet or catering versions.

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