Pizzuta is the most expensive almond in the world. It is also the most delicate variety, blooming in the heart of winter, thriving only at the bottom of hills that are close to the sea. It needs the best soil and full exposure to the sun. The pizutta's incredibly low yield has a key advantage - it concentrates flavors to give the nut incredible flavor.

How to recognize it:
- The shell is hard and smooth with tiny holes and a sharp tip, like the nib of a pen.
- The seed has a flattened ovoid shape.
- The smooth skin has a light, rusty color.


An intense milky flavor.
Ends with a pleasant, lightly bitter note. The long-lasting flavor is the result of a relatively high essential oil content.


Sparkling white dry wines.

Variety: Pizzuta d’Avola.
Categories available: whole - natural and peeled
Sizes available: according to season
Farming district:  Noto
Farming: All natural - no chemical fertilizers
Shape: regular oval flat
Color: leather red
Bitter percentage (amygdalin): about 1%
Twin fruit percentage: very low (from 0 to 3%)


Pack sizes (in vacuum-sealed plastic with gourmet or catering packaging) start at 250 grams and can go up to any weight by request. 

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