Olio Riserva - Particolare labirinto Olio Riserva
The "Labyrinth" by Guido Capuano in relief on our bottles

Every family has its own treasure. Big or small, it is passed down from generation to generation. For the Padova family, our Riserva di San Basilio is the result of know-how and an uncompromising passion to make perfect olive oil. Born from our family experience, Riserva is a careful blend of native Moresca and Verdese olives. Verdese is a Sicilian rarity, representing an extremely modest quantity of the olives grown in our farming district. Riserva is a small jewel produced in limited quantities.

Aroma: persistent notes of balsamic herbs.
Palate: full, fresh green almond flavor with an excellent balance of bitter and peppery notes.
Pairing suggestions:
salads, vegetable soups, seafood, fresh Ragusano cheese.


Olio Riserva - Particolare labirinto Olio Riserva

A pleasure in limited quantities, mainly destined for a few chefs around the world. Every mignon bottle is the perfect companion to an unforgettable dinner, where just a few drops of Riserva are enough. The "Vento" label was painted for us by artist Guido Capuano.

RISERVA: "Labyrinth" bottle in U.V. safe 1/2 liter dark glass with safety closure.
RISERVA MIGNON: "Vento" bottle in U.V. safe 1/10 liter dark glass with safety closure.

Riserva 50
Riserva 10