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Mastri di San Basilio

MORESCA: Ideal for seasoning and cooking! - 500ml - FREE!

MORESCA: Ideal for seasoning and cooking! - 500ml - FREE!


 ✔️Moresca is above all a versatile oil.

 ✔️Moresca is the home olive in our territory: there is not a single countryside that does not have at least one tree.

 ✔️It is known for its sweetness and its scent and the oil that takes its name is born from this fruit.

 ✔️Indispensable sidekick for a large quantity of recipes, irresistible on a slice of bread for an impromptu aperitif in the privacy of your own kitchen .

Further information

Sapore: gradevole di erbe spontanee
Olfatto: delicato, con freschi e persistenti sentori di mela verde e carciofo
Equilibrio: amaro appena percepibile, piccante non prolungato
Raccolta: Autunno 2023
Varietà: Moresca e in piccola parte Nocellara dell'Etna
Origine: agro di Ispica. Sicilia sud-orientale. Zona orientale della contea di Modica
Abbinamenti: cibi crudi o cotti, primi piatti e pietanze di carne o pesce, verdure.

Storage times and methods

L'olio può essere consumato entro 24 mesi dal periodo di raccolta. Conservare in luogo fresco ed asciutto e al riparo dalla luce.

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Order now and immerse yourself in our story! At your home in 48/72 hours WITHOUT INTERMEDIARIES!

Advantages of Buying from Us:

  • Fast delivery:

    We guarantee delivery in just 48/72 hours, bringing the oil directly to your home in the shortest time possible.

  • Safe Packaging:

    Our durable packaging is designed to preserve the freshness and integrity of our oil during delivery.

  • Transparency and Certified Quality:

    We operate with transparency, highlighting quality through certifications, information labels and laboratory analyses.

  • Value for money:

    We offer extraordinary oil at an affordable price

  • Direct Purchase:

    No intermediaries involved. By purchasing from us, you receive the product directly from the manufacturer, ensuring the highest quality.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed:

    We offer return and refund policies well beyond the 14 days required by law, because your satisfaction is our priority.

Welcome to the home of Mastri San Basilio's Moresca Oil, a treasure extracted from Sicilian olives, whose flavor embodies the authenticity and tradition of our land. For over 130 years!

Characteristics of Moresca Oil:

  • Taste: pleasant of Mediterranean herbs.

    The intensity of Mediterranean herbs offers a unique symphony of aromas, which gives our oil a distinctive character, transforming each dish into a sensorial journey through the flavors of Sicily.

  • Smell: a refined and persistent bouquet of green apple and artichoke.

    The fresh hints of green apple give a fruity and lively note, while the persistent aromas of artichoke add a vegetal touch that makes every inhalation a unique sensorial experience.

  • Balance: bitter, barely perceptible, spicy but not prolonged.

    It gives your palate a balanced and well-calibrated taste experience that does not overwhelm, but enriches every bite.

  • Harvest and Variety: the flavors of autumn 2023 in every drop.

    Every drop of Mastri San Basilio's Moresca Oil captures the Sicilian autumn. A unique taste profile, an expression of the biodiversity of the area. Explore the essence of Sicily in every drop, a perfect combination of nature and variety of olives.

  • Origin: born in the countryside of Ispica, among the hills of the County of Modica

    Its geographical origin contributes to giving the Moresca di San Basilio oil impeccable characteristics.

  • Pairings: a versatile companion for every dish

    Mastri San Basilio's Moresca Oil is the ideal companion for a wide range of dishes. Perfect with raw or cooked foods, first courses and meat or fish dishes, and vegetables. It adds a distinctive touch to every recipe, transforming your culinary moment into an extraordinary experience.

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Our Promise

If our oil does not meet your expectations, we guarantee a full refund well beyond the 14 days allowed by law. Contact us within 30 days of purchase to initiate the refund process. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

We are confident that you will appreciate the distinctive quality of each of our bottles.

Your trust is essential to us and we strive daily to offer you a product that not only meets, but exceeds expectations

Bring Sicily home Buy Now

For generations we have cultivated a love for the land and the art of oil production. Choose our Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil to savor absolute freshness. 

Order now and immerse yourself in our story! At your home in 48/72 hours WITHOUT INTERMEDIARIES!


  • Quality and Health Guarantee: 100% Sicilian, 100% Nutraceutical.

    Our oil, is grown without the use of pesticides, stands out for its very low level of acidity. Every drop is a concentrate of well-being, rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Produced and bottled immediately FRESH directly before each shipment.

  • Fast Press System.

    Thanks to our exclusive Fast Press System , we guarantee oil extracted and pressed within just 4 hours of harvesting. This process, which takes place directly in our historic family oil mill, ensures unparalleled freshness. Cold extraction keeps all the organoleptic properties intact, offering an olive oil of excellent freshness and taste.

  • Rooted Family Tradition:

    Proudly produced in Sicily for over 130 years, our oil is the fruit of a long tradition that began in 1888 in our family countryside. Managed with passion and honesty for four generations, each bottle contains the history and experience of a farm that has made quality and authenticity its fundamental pillars.

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From the Tree to the Oil Mill in 4 Hours

The key element of our oil is its distinctive freshness. To produce fresh, vibrant oil, it is crucial to harvest the olives and transport them to our mill within 4 hours of harvesting, followed by immediate pressing. Simply put, this is our formula to ensure that San Basilio's "olive juice" remains fondly imprinted. This complete approach of harvesting, selection and fast pressing is what we call FAST PRESS®: a rapid procedure to obtain maximum freshness.

The San Basilio oil mill was custom designed, following the specific technical requests of the company. This ensures flawless processing of the fruit and scrupulous control of the evolution at every stage of the process.

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What are the shipping times for my package?

Shipping times are generally within 24 hours from the time of order confirmation, excluding periods of intense sales activity such as the Christmas period. 

How do I track my package?

You will receive an email or SMS that will keep you updated on the progress of the delivery and a shipping code that you can use on the assigned courier's website.

What happens if the courier can't find me during delivery?

The courier makes two delivery attempts.

If both are not successful, the package will go into storage with the related costs. At this point you will be contacted by to agree what is most convenient to do.


I received a damaged or unordered product: how can I return it or receive a refund?

We are very careful with packaging and it is very rare for products to be damaged during transport.

If for some reason one or more packages arrive damaged at your address, collect only those that are intact and not tampered with, then contact us immediately at and tell us what happened, perhaps by sending us a photo representing the damage.

Our operators will immediately evaluate whether to issue a refund or replacement.

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Refunds can be sent via PayPal or bank transfer.

Since we do not have access to credit card details we cannot issue refunds using this same method.

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How to receive the return?

The Vincenzo Padova Agricultural Company offers its customers the "satisfied or refunded" formula and applies it in the broadest sense of the term.