Io l'olio buono non lo compro!

I don't buy good oil!

We give up so much nobody buys real oil or we change our strategy because many can buy it A hilarious, funny, ironic and nonconformist analysis of Maurizio Pescari

Sometimes, in the continuous search for the main road ', the one useful for designing a real future for quality extra virgin olive oil, I stop at a question: but good oil, who buys ita?

Last week's analysis by Alberto Grimelli (read here), demonstrated the real terms of the purchase and that it is not a question of the portfolio ’, but of the head’ and I add, of habit ’. But then, if those who don't have the money don't buy because they can't and those who have the money don't buy because they don't know, or don't want, this blessed real oil, who buys it Who are these villains who go to the mill and decide to spend 10 euros for a liter of real oil or, at the same price, take a half-liter bottle in an oil shop or in a gastronomyomia?

I'll give it to you Africa

I am reminded of a story that a marketing master had to tell me and that I want to share here:

An Italian footwear company, eager to develop its market, decided to send two of its sellers to a country in Africa, (not in today's advanced one, but in the poor one, which we still imagine). After a few days one of the salesmen telephones the company and, disheartened, says: I'm going home, nobody wears shoes here, there's no point in wasting time. The following day, the other salesman calls the company, but the tone is different: Everyone come here, nobody has…”.

You will say, but the oil that has it has it! Beyond the clear demonstration that it is the seller's head and not the product that makes the difference, putting real oil instead of shoes helps to clarify ideas a bit.e.

Data, not words

If it is true that the Italian oil market is 3% of quality extra virgin olive oil and that the oils with Designation of Origin occupy 2.7% of that 3% (nothing), that 97% that buys oil below five euros per liter (70% of which are on promotion in supermarkets), it is not difficult to compare them to those who do not have shoes in Africa. What do we do then We give up real oil so much nobody buys it, or we change our strategy because many can buy itlo?

Let's do the math, a family that devotes time and money to their diet should consume one bottle of good oil a week. 52 weeks, 52 bottles. But who are the people who are attentive to food, to the point of paying for the quality they bring to the table?

Who buys the oil?

While respecting the exceptions, you will not think that we, journalists in the sector, buy real oil. Thanks to the generosity of the producers, I also always have a well-stocked pantry. Or the amateur bloggers', the ones to be clear who call and say: If you send me six bottles, I'll write you an article. O the experts Those who teach, who distribute knowledge and flavors O the nutritionists O the thousands of members of the many gastronomic associations that populate the beautiful country, those of the academies, of the brotherhoods, the tasters of this or that The masters of, the students of , the ones I ate from; in short, all that plethora of generalist experts on whose table there is always X's pasta, Y's meat, Z's wine. due exceptions le debite eccezioni…

I do it but I don't buy it

And besides, you won't think that the producers buy good oil Have you ever seen an oil producer buy the oil of another No. in the vast majority of cases, unfortunately they only know their own oil and remain closed in it. Only the most advanced companies, producers with no ties to the past, grow because they have understood that to grow they need to understand what others are doing.ltri.

Well, if all of these bought 50 bottles of oil a year, the problem would be solved. But no, the problem exists and fortunately there are Italian consumers (2.7%) and foreign ones who have a different approach to quality and the price of quality.

A strange country

What a strange country ours. Not even those who say or write to others to buy it do not buy real oil A world so strange where, just to throw it into politics, only those who are in the opposition can do the right things, who as an opposition cannot do them, but who they will not even do them when they are majority 'and will have the opposition to indicate themcarle…

Think: This drank. No, I haven't drunk for twenty days and I put the best oils on rice, salad and tomatoes. It will be for thisesto?

Welcome back and good luck…

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