Knowing how to make oil

Making an oil seems like a simple thing: it is pure olive juice; but making "The Oil" that you love and that is also loved by others, well, that's another story. We have been growing olive trees for 130 years and we never feel like we have arrived. To make "oil of the heart" you need to study a lot: the earth, the climate, the olive trees, the harvest time, the pressing and storage; all these elements change constantly and require care that goes beyond the ordinary !

In short: to make the oil of the heart you need "the eye of the heart". Therefore, recognizing the vocation and identity in each variety of olives and knowing how to harmonize them and take care of the entire production cycle of our extra virgin olive oils with a completely artisan patience. From the cultivation of olive trees, through the harvesting and fast pressing with our system FAST PRESS® until bottling in ours GREEN MILL.