The freshness of the oil is our flag, and to make a fresh and vibrant oil you have to collect the olives and bring them to our mill within 5 hours of harvesting and squeeze them immediately. In simple terms, this is our recipe for San Basilio's "olive juice" to be remembered with affection. FAST PRESS®: fast squeezing for maximum freshness.
The San Basilio oil mill was designed on the specific technical requirements of the company. This is to ensure workmanship of the fruit in a workmanlike manner and scrupulously control its evolution during all stages of the process. Here are some of the precautions taken during processing.
  1. Crushing within five hours of harvesting with a "two-stage" mill. A necessary reduction of friction, for a true cold working;
  2. Processing of the olive paste: once again at a controlled temperature with an antioxidant system according to the strictest rules of cold pressing;
  3. Extraction of the oil by centrifugation;
  4. Product conservation: at controlled temperature and antioxidant system in food grade stainless steel silos;
  5. Bottling with antioxidant system in a sterile environment.