From the Earth to the Bottle: The Secret of Our Fine Oil

Don't settle for oils without history! Your kitchen deserves better… 

For generations we have cultivated a love for the land and the art of oil production. Choose our Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil to experience tradition in every drop. 

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  • Rooted Family Tradition:

    Produced in Sicily for 136 years and managed as a family farm for 4 generations, guaranteeing a long history of dedication and quality.

  • Fast Press System:

     Innovative Production Method, fast pressing within 4 hours to obtain maximum freshness, processing in the mill within 30 minutes with natural and cold extraction. Directly from the family oil mill without intermediaries, ensuring freshly produced oil.

  • Guarantee, quality and health:

    Natural cultivation without pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, 100% Sicilian olives. Very low acidity (0.2%), we guarantee a long-lasting and present taste in your dishes. Naturally produced, bottled upon shipment, and rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to ensure an oil of maximum purity and well-being.

About us

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  • 100% Italian oil extracted from Sicilian olives

    We are committed to bringing the true flavor of our land to your tables.

  • We adopt the best ethical and production processes

    Based on careful, artisanal and family-run workmanship, preserving tradition and quality.

  • Our production is powered by clean energy

    Thanks to a photovoltaic solar system, our supply chain guarantees respect for the environment.

  • Efficient logistics, we guarantee delivery in just 48 hours

    We are committed to bringing our oil directly to your home in the shortest time possible.

  • Durable and safe packaging

    It is designed to ensure safety and security during delivery, preserving the freshness and integrity of our oil.

  • We operate with transparency and certified quality

    Highlighted through certifications, information labels and laboratory analyzes that attest to the goodness of our oil.

  • We celebrate excellent value for money

    Offering an extraordinary oil at an accessible price for all lovers of good food.

  • No intermediaries involved

    By purchasing from us, you have the security of receiving the product directly from the manufacturer, ensuring the highest quality.

  • We guarantee a protected and satisfactory purchase

    Offering return and refund policies well beyond the 14 days required by law, because your satisfaction is our priority

Why is it different from supermarket oil?

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The Heart of Excellence: From the Tree to the Oil Mill in 5 Hours

The key element of our oil is its distinctive freshness. To produce fresh, vibrant oil, it is crucial to harvest the olives and transport them to our mill within 5 hours of harvesting, followed by immediate pressing. Simply put, this is our formula to ensure that San Basilio's "olive juice" remains fondly imprinted. This complete approach of harvesting, selection and fast pressing is what we call FAST PRESS®: a rapid procedure to obtain maximum freshness.

The San Basilio oil mill was custom designed, following the specific technical requests of the company. This ensures flawless processing of the fruit and scrupulous control of the evolution at every stage of the process. Below are some of the measures carefully considered during processing.

  • Crushing Within Five Hours of Harvest

    We use a "double stage" mill for pressing within five hours of harvest, reducing friction to a minimum and ensuring true cold processing, thus preserving the freshness of the oil.

  • Processing of Olive Paste at Controlled Temperature:

    The olive paste is processed at a controlled temperature, strictly following the rules of cold pressing and using an antioxidant system, guaranteeing the highest quality.

  • Oil Extraction via Centrifugation:

    The oil is extracted with a centrifugation process, ensuring effective separation and preserving the aromas and flavors of the olives.

  • Product Storage in Food Grade Stainless Steel Silos

    The finished product is stored in food-grade stainless steel silos at a controlled temperature, using an antioxidant system to maintain freshness and quality over time.

  • Bottling in a sterile environment:

    Before arriving on the tables, the oil is bottled in a sterile environment, using an antioxidant system to ensure that every drop preserves its integrity and authenticity.

  • Constant Quality Control:

    We implement a strict quality control system that covers every stage of the process, from olive harvesting to final bottling. This ensures that each bottle meets our high standards of freshness and quality.